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Frequently Asked Questions

Using Plazmapunk

How do I create a music video with Plazmapunk?

Do I have to pay to use Plazmapunk?

Can I use my own music for video creation?

How long does it take to create a video on Plazmapunk?

Account and Subscription

How do I sign up for Plazmapunk?

What are the benefits of Plazmapunk premium subscription?

Technical Issues

What should I do if my video fails to generate?

Why is my uploaded music file not accepted?

Privacy and Security

How does Plazmapunk protect my data?

Will my data or music be shared with third parties?

Can I delete my Plazmapunk account and all associated data?

Community and Sharing

How can I share my music videos created on Plazmapunk?

Does Plazmapunk have a user community?