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Julian Marley featuring Plazmapunk!

Reggae icon Julian Marley just dropped the music video for his single "Jah Sees Them" from his new album "Colors of Royal" using Plazmapunk! Check it out on Instagram 💚💛❤️


Weekly community contests on Discord!

Every week we host a contest on the Plazmapunk Discord. Take part by creating a video with the Song in the 'Discord Contest' category and share it to the contest channel in Discord. You can win free ionz as well as plazma+ subscriptions!


Lyric detection & visualization is live!

Plazmapunk can now understand and visualize lyrics. Give our newest Plazma+ feature a try! Simply create your video as usual and choose "This video is about the song lyrics" in the last step. Feel free to share your results in our Discord and have fun!

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